Our mission is to inspire people to choose to be responsible for living well. We encourage a willingness to explore current perception around what it takes to be healthy, to think differently and to prioritise and maintain an inspiring lifestyle.

Responsible living is about consciously creating your Lifestyle, one you don’t need a vacation from.  It is a process of making and walking out healthy, life giving choices daily, it is about being informed and taking ownership of your life and stubbornly refusing to abdicate the quality of life to someone else.

Living whole heartedly is living well.

Sadly, life is mostly not experienced that way.  A state of health includes many facets: Vitality, energy, relaxation, the feeling of well-being, etc. resulting from your eating, exercising, sleeping, relationships, career, finances, thinking, values, beliefs, etc.  It results from  inherited genes, and from gene expression, from poor or healthy habits, from accidents or diseases experienced, from the lack of care and nurturing received.  It results from the meaning of your everyday life and meanings attributed to life.

We believe

A Healthy Lifestyle Supports Healthy Genetic Expression So the good news is that you are in control of your genes …we alter their expression on a regular basis, depending on the foods eaten, the air we breathe, and the thoughts we think

The mind-body-emotion, operates systemically and that means there are many variables in the system which interface to create levels and quality of health.  Physical-mental-emotional well-being results from how well we are aligned in all of these facets.  To effectively unleash our health and well-being systemic congruency needs to be created.  To do everything well except one thing e.g not eating right, or not exercising regularly, or not having a passion to devote yourself to you can undermine and leash systemic health.

Gene expression is nutrient dependent and toxin sensitive.
Genetics loads the gun and lifestyle pulls the trigger!

Health and wealth creation are similar in process.  Wealth also is a systemic experience that is not created instantaneously. It is created from a set of variables over time, like skill development, identification of a passion, devotion to a career, intentionality, effective habits in handling money, accounting, budgeting, saving, investing, handling ourselves at work, fitness of skills for our job, in handling relationships, creating connections, caring about others, delivering good service, adding value, selling, negotiation, etc.

It is this very systemic nature of health that requires a different mindset and approach.  It requires first of all delaying of gratification, long-term and systemic thinking and secondly, systemic thinking and taking action in terms of healthy habits. This means that engagement emerges as purposeful and sufficient intention are developed and personal discipline exercised. This is especially true with the four key factors for your everyday long-term health, eating, exercising, relaxing, and sleeping. Already loads of information and resources are available on these key factors and most people are aware and know of them, however taking regular and consistent action for better health remains the challenge.

There are many authors, books, websites, resources and skilled people to assist with gaining this information, for those who happen to not know how to eat moderately and wisely, or know how to move their bodies to give it moderate and daily exercise, or know how to relax after expending energy, to stretch, recoup and to personally take care with rejuvenating activities, or know how to experience 8 or 9 hours of restful refreshing sleep.

However knowing what to do about eating, exercising, relaxing, and sleeping is not the problem, it is implementing what is known.  It is integrating and executing knowledge, getting the body and neurology wired and operating to transform healthy knowledge and choices to become unconscious habits, in order for it to become a way of moving and living out this living well and responsible lifestyle.