The Healthy Cell Concept® and Living Well

These are two of the models we use to assist and equip individuals with structures to live responsibly and maintain equilibrium in all the body systems— and develop the foundation for good health. Integrated within these models and concepts are a set of biological principles at work inside the human body. These principles are also evident in the natural world around us.

 All parts of the natural world have been intelligently designed, humans are designed to play a major role as keepers and caretakers over all living things.  Our job is to manage those brilliantly integrated systems – and that means we must understand how things fit together – things as   basic as food and health.
                              George Malkmus author of Hallelujah Diet

Health is determined by the quality and health of cells. The human body is an amazing design with the ability of defending, regulating, growing and repairing, when supplied with what is required for the biological foundation of which lives are created.

Cells make up tissues, which make up organs, which make up systems from which the whole human body is comprised.

Cells constitute the biological foundation of our lives.

It is important in the process of regaining, maintaining, or improving the quality of health to be caring about health at cellular level.  Wellness and vitality are the result and when not cared for, the biological foundation of the human body is compromised.

Each and every human body is comprised of trillions and trillions of cells.

  • Cells are like mini factories.
  • Cell require specific nutrients or raw materials.
  • Cells produce products essential for overall metabolism and health.
  • Cells produces toxic waste products that have to be neutralized and eliminated on a continual basis.

                                                                                     The Healthy Cell Concept®


The Healthy Cell Concept®  recognizes that health begins at cellular level, the basic unit of the body.  Cells group together to form organs, which in turn form body systems.  Just as we must have a strong foundation to support a house or building, so we require “strong” cells to support good health.

Cell Food

The nourishment our cells need can be found in pure, whole, natural, fresh foods, as well as in high-quality nutritional supplements.

Healthy Mental Attitude

It has been scientifically proven that a positive mental attitude creates a sense of well being and assists in mainting overall wellness. Laughter is the best medicine and happiness gives us extra strength.

Cell Exercise

Our cells depend on consistent exercise to remain healthy. Exercise provides strength, endurance, flexibility, and mental alertness, and is an excellent stress-reliever. Exercise thus promotes overall good health.

Cell Protection

The best defense against disease is our immune system. It can do all that is required of it when nourish it properly, get enough rest, and learn how to manage stress.

Cell Environment

Our environments are important. The water we drink and use and the air we breathe affects each cell in our bodies. We require a clean environment to live well.

                                                                                          Living Well

It’s personal.   The most important factor in health is “you”. Gaining an understanding of  this models steps underpinned by a set of biological principles at work inside the human body is empowering.  Personal choices practiced consistently, maintain and sustain optimal internal functioning and the biological foundation for a strong abundant life and healthy lifestyle.

3 Simple Steps

Eliminate:  the lifestyle choices that result in poor health.  Most of our health disorders are related to poor lifestyle choices.  We need to eliminate the choices that are not best for us, to name a few:

  • Negative frames of mind
  • Poor emotional outlook
  • Smoking, Drug Abuse
  • Fast and junk foods, high in fats and sugar
  • Excessive stimulant drinks, alcohol and caffeine, carbonated drinks
  • Lack of sufficient sleep, high stress levels, physical inactivity
  • Lack of vegetables, fruits, essential fats

Nourish: Provide the body with the nutrients it needs.  Build this around wholefoods. Drink sufficient clean water.  We need to nourish our bodies with vital micro and macro nutrients. It means plenty of rest, taking time for enjoyable activiities and exercise that will bring family together for good fun with laughter.

Replenish: certain times and situation may occur when the body requires additional crucial nutrients.  During times of high stress, hectic schedules, major life changes or external stresses from the environment can place undue strain on the immune system, replenishing vital nutrients can be supplemented.