For many years, most medical and health-related research was done on men and it was assumed that women have the same health problems.  We now realize it is not true.  The symptoms and progression of diseases differ between women and men.  Women have unique needs due to their unique physiology, and benefit from health strategies specific to their needs

When things go wrong

Women have special considerations.  For women this includes fertility, pregnancy, birthing, menstrual concerns, menopause, fibroids, endometriosis, breast cancer, urinary tract infections, osteoporosis and anemia.

What contributes to things going wrong

Although women and men have different concerns, the risk factors are often similar.  A poor diet, toxins, stress and alcohol consumption affect both women and men negatively.

To maintain Health

Both women and men should be following Wholebody Health and the Healthy Cell concept.  Supportive of special needs for women are minerals, iron and calcium, the vitamins B6  pyridoxine, B9 – folic Acid, B12 cyanocobalamin, and E, some soy-based foods and cranberry supplements.  There are also many herbs of interest to women.  These also include black cohosh, wild yam and dongquai.



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